Saturday, October 18, 2008

Singing Out... Reaching Out!!! (The Charity Concert of SMFCC)

WHAT: "Singing Out... Reaching Out!!!" The Charity Concert of SFMCC for the Children of Saint Francis of Asisi School in Negros Occidental, Philippines.

WHEN: On Thursday, 23rd of October 2008 @ 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Sheik Rashid Auditorium (opposite side of St. Mary's Church)

Ticket Price is at AED 35.00

You can buy your ticket from Leo "Bai/McTot" Achas - +971 50 724 8138

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Shower for Baby Girl Orog

A baby shower is a party in which parents or expectant parents receive gifts for their newborn or expected child.

Last September 19, 2008 we had a baby shower for the OROG Family. Photos below were taken during the celebration. Congratulations to Joseph and Archela Orog. You friends here in Dubai are very happy for you and we are all excited to see another baby in our group.
people who attended the baby shower

games, games, games.... fun, fun, fun.....

a pose before the "Ready, Get Set, Go!"; which group do you think won this game?

Archela Galindo-Orog with friends here in Dubai

Archela Galindo-Orog with Lourdesians friends.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Carch's Birthday here in Dubai.

Last 4th of September, Carch celebrated her 28th birthday. The party was held a day after her birthday. Many people celebrated with her.

You can find below some photos during the event. I grabbed these photos from Carch's friendster account. Better late than never... hehehe :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

News from Ronald Leong...

To you our dear family, friends, classmates, colleagues and acquaintances who have become a significant part of our lives, I wish to share our engagement story.

The Planning

I wanted to propose to Charlotte in a place memorable to us and where we could be alone just the two of us, so that we could really cherish the moment together and I would be able express what my heart truly feels without being conscious or distracted. I had always have in mind Madinat Jumeirah because we had one of our first dates in Dubai there and we had always been captivated by the clear, clean waters surrounding Madinat where abras (or small motor-powered boats made of hardwood) silently glide through. The only thing is it is a quite touristy place, so the "alone just the two of us" will never be. Another option I had in mind was Burj Al Arab obviously because of its splendor and stature, but it would have been an obvious give-away to Cha. A beach proposal over the weekend would have been romantic but Dubai temperature outdoors in August is still very hot to permit it.

So to further my options, I had invited her to our first-time dinners in two "prospect" restaurants during the last week, my hopes high that one might provide the romantic ambience. But they are also always packed with customers, which is again another setback. It turned out that these somehow helped in surprising her because on the night I proposed, she thought it was just going to be another one of those dinners.

The Engagement Ring

My search for Charlotte ’s engagement ring has been a challenge and fun at the same time. I have been researching, inquiring and canvassing for over a month together with my colleague who was also searching for an e-ring. We have gone from the high-end stores that have ridiculously high prices to local stores that offer very affordable prices and even to one of the local jewelry factory in the Gold & Diamond Park where they demonstrated how an e-ring is made. There are simply so many choices available, but ultimately I decided on one that is elegant but not too flashy, one that I earnestly believe she would always be proud wearing and most importantly, one that truly symbolizes my love and commitment to her. Because Cha has been, is and will always be very special to me, I chose for her a platinum De Beers solitaire ring.

The Proposal

August 27th was our 129th monthsary and by then I was so ready to ask Cha the magic question. Yet somehow, part of me is saying to let this day be special on its own.

The following day (28.08.2008), Thursday, the last working day before weekend, St. Augustine ’s Feast Day, our special day because she said yes to be my girlfriend on a Thursday, were all very good reasons to propose on this day. By this time I have decided to propose in Madinat Jumeirah, and I have made reservations in Al Qasr so we could have the opportunity to ride the abra. I was picturing the scene from the movie “My Best Friends Wedding” where the boat they were riding passed under the bridge and “the moment passed by”. I knew the abra ride going to Al Qasr would also pass under a bridge and my plan was when we see the bridge ahead, I would remind her of the movie scene and before the abra could pass under the bridge, I would have already gotten down to one knee and asked her to marry me. But as in life, there were some unexpected twists and turns – the abra driver was also Pinoy and he did not waste time asking us questions and telling his life story throughout the trip; the abra was moving faster than I expected and it might not be absolutely safe when I get on one knee (and I really intended to do so when I propose); and the scene of the lighted villas and hotels we were passing through were in itself a majestic beauty to behold.

Before we went to dinner, we strolled around the area and happen upon a wooden footbridge where the view to the picturesque Burj Al Arab by night is splendid. Normally, only hotel guests are allowed to go through this footbridge and there is always a security man manning the entrance, but this time there was none. So we took some pictures with the Burj as the background and I almost did propose during this time. But I realized we were already running a little late for our dinner reservations.

Our dinner was quite wonderful; our conversation was light and casual, a sign that she was not expecting anything grand to happen that night. I was a little worried though about the e-ring being left in her chair whenever we get food from the buffet table. You might be wondering how I was carrying around the e-ring. Well, I had put it inside a sunglasses box and I put the sunglasses box in a “Beyond Optics” paper bag, so when she asked what’s in the bag, I just nonchalantly told her I bought a new pair of sunglasses.

After dinner, we decided to stroll outside and once again enjoy the breath-taking view. We had reached again the wooden footbridge and were pleasantly surprised that there was still no security man. At that moment, I took it as a sign that in the absence of the security man, we are meant cross the other side of the bridge. On the other side we were amazed by the water of the swimming pool which was so still and peaceful. We strolled further to the beach where we could hear the gentle waves and breeze, then retraced our steps to check a gazebo-like place full of beautiful, colorful lights. When we got there, on the floor was a giant chessboard and the chess pieces were waist-level. There were several comfortable benches on the sides but surprisingly we were alone at this time. I felt like that place was reserved for us that night and everything was starting to fall into place.

Charlotte was sitting on the bench busy taking pictures when I approached her, knelt down on one knee, gave her the ring, sincerely told her I love her very much and asked her to marry me. The moment she said “Yes!” I was the happiest person on earth.

I got this message from Ronald Rey B. Leong last September 1, 2008. Watch out for their Vatican Wedding this coming 2009. If you can afford, then automatically you are invited... hehehe :) joke! Start saving about AED 1,000.00 per month now!

Friday, September 5, 2008

SIARGAO SUMMER BARKADAHAN (Offers valid only from March to May 2009)

Let us help you organize your Siargao adventure! This is for barkadas and groups who wish to enjoy the waters and sands of Siargao Island. This could be your hottest summer ever! Email us so we can give you an exciting itinerary.

Warning: May cause excessive excitement.:)

Tour Packages:

RATE @ Php 2,500.00 each @ Php 2,000.00 each
Time-Frame 2 days and 2 nights 2 days and 2 nights
Destinations Naked Island Naked Island
Daku Island Daku Island
Guyam Island Guyam Island
Magpupungko Natural Pools Magpupungko Natural Pools
Cloud Nine Cloud Nine

All packages are Inclusive of Resort Accommodation, Banca and Motorcycle Rides and Meals.

Basic Barkada Tours gives you a taste of rustic, unspoiled Siargao. Rates are very minimal and the tour is guaranteed make you experience the magic of the island.

Meals will not be taken in the resorts since their rates are not barkada-friendly. Rest assured that you will still get the best the island has to offer. That means fresh first-class fish, saang, alimango, lato, and other seafood! At the same time, you will get to mingle with the very friendly Siargaonons and explore the town instead of being cooped up in the resort.

If you wish to make other arrangements, we can design your itinerary together!


Get great discounts by referring barkadas to us!

1 group equals 10% discount
2 groups equal 15% discount
3 groups equal 20% discount
4 groups equal 25% discount
5 groups or more, you tour with us for free next time you visit siargao!

groups you refer to us shall also get cool siargao freebies.:)


If you're from Luzon or Visayas, you may:

1) Take the Manila-Butuan flights via PHILIPPINE AIRLINES (PAL) or CEBU PACIFIC. Daily Flights available. From Butuan, you may take the bus to get to Surigao City (2-hour bus ride) or hire a van. From Surigao City, take the slow boat (RORO 4 hours) or fast ferry (1 1/2 to 2 hours) going to Siargao.

2) Take the CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINE'S Cebu-Surigao flight. It is scheduled four-times weekly starting November 13, 2008. From Surigao, take the ferry to get to Siargao.

3) Take the SEA AIR also flies Manila-Siargao once a week.

AIRLINE websites:




If you're from any point in Mindanao:

Take the bus that will bring you to Surigao City. (If necessary, you may pass by Butuan to get to Surigao). Then take the ferry from Surigao going to Siargao.


Contact Us!

celphone: 0916-481-5214 look for SHAL

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another 29er from Dubai... Happy Birthday Badae!!!

Last August 31st, Badae turned 29. It's her First Birthday celebration as a mother.

A day before her birthday, I got to chat with her... she asked me of a better place wherein she can celebrate her birthday. We considered many options and we ended our with conversation without arriving in a final decision.

On her birthday, I got an invites.

Guess what? We celebrated it at Chinese Palace Restaurant located in Al Ghurair City. It was attended by her supported flatmates and some friends. Check our photos posted above,

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Cruising down Dubai creek is a novel experience. The creek, in fact is the heart of Dubai. It has shaped the destiny of Dubai, and in turn Dubai has reshaped the creek.

Above are some photos taken during last night's Dhow Cruised.

For more information about Dhow Cruise, please visit

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cheers to Ronald and Charlotte!!!

At around 1:46 a.m. yesterday, while i am passionately reading my new book (THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne ), I got a call from my Nanay (Charlotte)... She asked me if Yan-Yan is still awake? I don't think so, i answered her.

To make my story short, she called me up to tell me that she'll be preparing a lunch for us at 12:00 noon. She also said that we should be there for a very special announcement.

It was indeed, a very special announcement. I am personally happy upon hearing it.

Last night, she sent an e-mail to all about their engagement.
You can find it below...


To our families in Dubai:

Naa ko story.... Leong reserved dinner at Al Qasr, Madinat last night. When he called me in the office to tell me, I didnt think twice about it kay we've been eating out lately since last week. So I thought last night was just one of those regular fancy dinners. I didnt expect that it would be one of my most unforgettable night ever.
Madinat, as usual, was at its romantic best last night. We got to board in on one of the abras to get to our restaurant. The driver was Pinoy so he toured us around the villas. It was so nice, as in. ..After dinner, we strolled to the beach side, then up to the wooden bridge for a picturesque view of the hotel and gondolas gliding past the venice-like canals.

Then we sat on one of the benches, chikka gamay. I was busy taking pictures of the pool and hotel when he stood up and walked to the bag. He turned, smiled and came to me and sugod na dayon ko kulba. It hit me that this might be it. Is he..?, I thought wildy. And he went on one knee, opened the box. .. Kulba na kaayo ko. The diamond glistened in the night. Then he asked, " will you marry me?" And of course, I said yes.

And now things are clearer. I used to wonder how can you commit forever to one person. I used to ask people how they know he's the one and they always tell me na you just know.

So right then and there, I finally understood. Na I'll just know gyud diay. Leong is my forever. ...:-)

To all our very good friends who have been with us through the years, thank you. You have been part of our lives and part of who we have become. :-)


Congratulations Ronald and Charlotte!

We are all looking forward to your Vatical Wedding on April 2009.

I love you Nanay and Tatay!!! Maniwala kayo, I am very happy for both of you...

Tila na uuso yata ang mga "engagement" sa month of August.... hehehe :)

Thanks to Jorog Photography for the photos...